Closing Cap

CODE Name Product / Size Box (pcs)
1KB200020 Closing Cap – 20 600
1KB200025 Closing Cap – 25 400
1KB200032 Closing Cap – 32 250
1KB200040 Closing Cap – 40 150
1KB200050 Closing Cap – 50 80
1KB200063 Closing Cap – 63 50
1KB200075 Closing Cap – 75 25
1KB200090 Closing Cap – 90 18
1KB200011 Closing Cap – 110 9


Closing Cap White, Closing Cap White is a part used in plumbing pipes. Everything you are looking for on Sistem Plastik natural gas materials is at this address. We are at your service with affordable prices and a wide range of products. Closing Head White 20 mm model makes your plumbing system work in the most efficient way. All kinds of Clean Water Pipe Accessories.

Working at 20º C and 25 Atu pressure. It is suitable for use between -5° C and +95 °C. (Isolation should be applied considering the freezing point of the fluid in the pipe) It shows high resistance against chemical substances. It is corrosion resistant. It does not cause calcification and rusting. It does not change the color, smell and taste of water. It has slippery and shiny interior surfaces. Diameter narrowing does not occur in the welds. It has high Welding performance. It provides savings in assembly and has no wastage. It has heat and sound insulation. It has the feature of not transmitting the flame.


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